Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ohhhh mother ... lol

Mom: i bought the orange juice with LOTS of pulp.
Me: what? i told you earlier not to buy that one. it's the one with a lot of pulp. and it's gonna be so thick to drink.
Mom: oh wait, LOTS of pulp means a lot of pulp?
Me: yes .... what did you think?
Mom: haha i thought it was "LOST" of pulp, so it wouldn't have a lot of pulp.
Me: LOLL!!! ahahahhaahah!

I spent a good 10 minutes laughing at her and explaining the difference to her. ohh momm! ahahahah :D

i got sick after shopping on black friday from 5AM-11:30AM lol T____T. my mom bought me apple juice as well. yaayy! been craving for apple juice like a child for the longest time! lol

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Best birthday ever<3

soo i turned 18 almost 2 weeks ago and it was the bestt everr !! <3 celebrated it in various ways with my friends and family. i really can't ask for better friends !

11/11 (Veteran's Day): we had no school, so i wanted to celebrate it with my 5 close friends at Legal Seafoods, since i was turning legal hehe (x went with Sarah, Ve, Trung, Jennifer and Lena. the atmosphere of the restaurant was very relaxing and the service was great lol. we were the only teenagers in there haha. i ordered shrimp and fries. it wasn't much but Legal Seafoods definitely did its job haha. it was soo goodd and fresh! "if it isn't fresh, it isn't legal" hehe. it was a good time and a nice experience eating there.

11/12 (my bday!): So i wanted to celebrate it with all my friends this time and inexpensively. So we had a little get together over Jennifer's house and we just ordered chinese food from New Jumbo Restuarant. it was fun and a good time eating and playing games together, such as Chubby Bunny and Big Taboo! and my friends surprised me by buying me the Dr. Dre Beats headphoness! i've been wanting them since summer and they fulfilled my wisshhh! i love themm soo muccchh! <3 and they work soo welll! i just utterly lovee itt! I don't think i can ever thank them enough. I appreciate them forever! after some people left, they brought out the coldstone cake! it was soo yummy! :D thankksss a bunchhh guyss <3

11/14 (saturday): this day i went to the Hong Kong #1 Buffet in Brockton with my family. my cousin got to come down for this so i was very grateful for that. I miss her after she moved. it was a good time and my brother bought me a cake from konditor meister! it was the first time i ever had cake at my birthday celebrations with my family. My cousin bought me the new Kate Voegele album and i've been wanting that for a long time also. i love all her songs on the album! my brother and sister bought me a new phone too and gave me a card. i loved their card the most, and how it said "Sister" on the front and had a cute little message inside. It made me really feel like i'm a part of the family since i'm always doing something wrong to make myself feel outkast. it was a very nice gift from them <3 i really love my family, no matter what happens <3

as for college, i'm like 90% done with my applications! I just need to stop slacking and finish my last 2 supplement essays for BU and Emerson and then i'm waiting for my teachers+guidance counselor to do the recommendations! hopefully they don't take too long. lol. i definitely wanna send them out before christmas break. i'm so excited! it's almost done and over with! :D

-- i think a tiny part of me is still attached.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

<3 My Parents

I came home at 10:45 PM tonight and saw a note left for me on the kitchen table. Both of my parents are sleeping:

" I left the pastries for you to eat, i just made them so it's really good. When you're done, put them in the refrigerator. -- Love Mom"

It's the little and simple things that my parents do for me that makes me realize how much they really care and love me. I always thought they were annoying but they just don't want me to get hurt and whatnot. I love them dearly, no matter how much i may complain about them or feel annoyed by them. They do so much for me<3

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who's John & Abigail?

So just recently i received a John & Abigail Adams scholarship for the MCAS in 10th grade lol. pretty neat! especially when i'm applying to 4 schools that the scholarship covers for. it's a full-tuition cover and i just have to worry bout dorming and books and stuff. It sorta relieves me a little because if i decide to go to those schools or whatever, i'm sort of all set. still in the process of my college applications. i must currently do my supplement essays for my schools. so much! T__T. i just want these to be done and over with lol. but yeahss, just trying to work hard in school to get good grades and whatnot. hopefully i'll have more opportunities like this in the near future! :D

my birthday is exactly one week from today. i'll be turning 18. yay! finally legal! i'm gonna apply to every job possible! puahahah hehe (x

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My beddd!

Omgosh i was leaning over my bed to find my pencil and my bed, having already collapsed the other night and lopsided, looking for my pencil made it worse. So it collapsed even MORE. now my bed looks very obviously lopsided. and now i have to go wake my mom so she can help me remove the mattress and fix it. and i still didn't find my pencil yet. FML. -________-


Sooo ... after assembling my bed back together at 12:15 AM, i discovered my bed is a monster. O___O. it ate my love notes from Ve and my scrunchis. I was wondering where that note went! Luckily, my parents and I both slayed my bed monster and i got my pencil and love note from Ve back. yaayyy! (x

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When I say random, i mean RANDOM

the leaves are falling, the weather's getting colder and i'm not used to it lol. i rather wear tanks, shorts and flipflops than bulk up.

sooo i was coming out of my house today in the rain and darkness and i heard a cat continuously meowing, sounding like it was stuck somewhere and needed help. but unforntunately, due to the wind/rain/and darkness, i was not able to spot where the cat was. ssooo ... i just left the house and went to school. i felt bad lol =/

yayy long weekend! first holiday off of the school year! haha :D

SATs this weekend, scared for my life.

rawr, i HATE seeing that kid that idk in school! reminds me soooo mucchh of ___________. just when i forget, seeing his face makes me think of ________ again! lol

you lose some, you win some ;; you can't win them all. be happy and move on.

this school year is going to fly by, i can feeell ittt!

my thumb still hurts when i bend it from trying to set. i hope it's better by 2morrow. never again. lol

i want to go to Sonic soo badddd! =(

the end. lol

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Youth Spotlight Recognition

October Youth Spotlight Recipient: Phuong Diep from Dorchester is this month’s youth spotlight recipient. Phuong is an active member of the Vietnamese American Civic Association. Phuong started as a volunteer at the V.A.C.A and then quickly became involved with the girls’ mentoring program. She also serves as a peer leader and a role model for many teens. She shows great dedication to her neighborhood and has proven her leadership skills and commitment to the young people of Dorchester. Phuong is a senior at John D. O’Bryant. Blue Man Group has donated two show tickets for Phuong as a prize! Congratulations Phuong and keep up the great work!

haha. i totally forgot about that, until Maha fbed me and congratulated me with that pasted ^^. My boss and supervisor wrote a letter of recommendation to the 'Youth Spotlight' thing and i got it! it's on under the newsletter link. well, i just checked and they didn't update it on their website yet, but they've emailed it to everyone already. soo yeahhss. madd coolll! haha. imma see if i can use that for college lol like scholarships or something! teeeheee! mayybee lol :D soo excitedd bout this!